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Campus Interventions Office (CIO)

The Campus Interventions Office (CIO) is a one-stop shop serving the entire SCC community.

It is the place where the SCC community can come to seek support for themselves and other community members, consider options, and/or report concerning behaviors related to issues that affect academic performance and/or the psychological and physical well-being of community members. Most importantly, community members can learn how to proceed as it relates to resolving concerns

Our Office Oversees:

"Hiring the Best" Trained Employees

Employees who are currently eligible to serve on hiring committees, and qualified Equity Representatives:

Hiring the Best (HTB) Trained Employee List (Google Sheets)

Mission Statement

The CIO provides a coordinated and comprehensive approach to ensure the well-being of the entire campus community. The CIO achieves this mission through the use of best practices related to behavioral intervention, educational programming, prevention strategies, incident consultation, violence and risk assessments, policy enforcement, support, and advocacy

4 Pillars of Campus Interventions

1. Programming (Prevention)

Based on the needs of the community, we develop and provide tailored programming, interventions, workshops, and resources for students, staff, and faculty. We create successful trainings, workshops, and classes to give community members the tools needed to accomplish their goals (academic and personal).

2. Intervention

The CIO provides support, resources, options, and referrals to assist community members in hopes of helping them attain their goals from a student success-based approach. This pillar is dependent upon the ability to engage community members to recognize and report potentially concerning and/or dangerous behaviors so the CIO can provide support to students in the resolution of what may be complex issues impacting their academic, personal and/or professional success. Intervention work is best and most effective when concerns are identified early so behavior can be corrected or redirected; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.”

3. Coaching and Consultation

Understanding that much of intervention work is rooted in prevention and correcting behaviors before they become habits or disruptive, the CIO provides support to address concerns before they become potential policy violations or impediments to the functioning of a healthy campus environment.

4. Policy enforcement, De-escalation, Restorative Justice and Alternative Incident Resolution

A key component of any community is each member’s adherence to the rights and responsibilities of community members. The truest measure of a just community is the manner in which community members are held accountable when those standards are not met. The CIO seeks to find the balance of utilizing alternative means of accountability beyond the Student’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities, Board Policies and Regulations or the Employee Handbook. While fully committed to enforcing College and District policies, the CIO recognizes that the ultimate goal of enforcement is to facilitate learning and educate community members as well as preventing, stopping, and remedying inappropriate behavior

Campus Interventions Office Contact

Phone: (916) 650-2711


Monday to Friday:
8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Student Services Building, STS 105
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


Dean of Campus Interventions (College Equity, Title IX, Grievance and Student Conduct Officer): Andre Coleman
Phone: (916) 650-2929
Office Location: Student Services Building, STS 105

Clerk III: Linda Lee
Phone: (916) 650-2733
Office Location: Student Services Building, STS 105

Temp. Administrative Assistant I: Cynthia Girardi
Phone: (916) 558-2227
Office Location: Student Services Building, STS 105