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Important information before recommending a PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) Leader:

PAL Leaders will:

  • Schedule PAL group sessions outside the class or class lab meetings
  • Facilitate PAL group sessions with activities that focus on class content
  • Prepare activities for PAL sessions, such as handouts, games, group discussions, study skills materials, etc.
  • Consult regularly with the instructor of the class
  • Attend the class and/or class lab regularly (on-ground, synchronous online, or Canvas Courseroom)

PAL Leaders are not teaching assistants, and as such, are not to teach classes, grade assignments, provide clerical support, etc.

The PAL Instructor will:

  • connect with the PAL Leader on a weekly basis (such as via email, call, web conference, on-ground meeting)
  • help guide the development of activities that support course concepts, such as handouts, questions or problems for student collaboration, games, hands-on activities, study skills materials, etc.
  • sign/approve the Leader's timesheet (Record of Hours Worked) certifying the hours worked
  • supervise (or secure supervision for) the PAL sessions held in or outside the class or class lab

Please submit this form for each PAL applicant for each course. By doing so, you confirm the applicant has the required academic skills having earned a grade of "B" or better in the course or a higher-level course, and you believe the applicant has the interpersonal & communication skills necessary to be a leader.

Since funding is limited, not all applications will be approved. Applicants and Instructors will be notified of the applicant’s status usually no later than the second week of the semester.

Thank you for your interest in the PAL Program.


PAL Program Coordinator
Loretta Richard, M.S.
(916) 558-2183


Learning Resource Center, LRC 151
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822