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Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form

This form is used to track your expenses during travel. You fill in the top and left half of the form, and submit it at least 4 weeks prior to travel.

After travel, you collect all official receipts, fill in the right half of the form, and submit them together.

For reimbursement, if travel is involved, please refer to the Standard Mileage Chart.

Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Conference, Workshop, and Travel (CWT) Fund Application

The CWT Form in the Travel Authorization packet is provided for the Staff Resource Center completely filled out with supporting documents to allow the area the opportunity to approve CWT funds: SCC employees are eligible to receive up to $500 each fiscal year in Conference, Workshop, & Travel (CWT) funding.

Please identify your constituency group in the top left corner of the form under Part I. Classified professionals who are members of the LRCEA are also eligible to receive up to $1000 in additional funding per fiscal year (please check the LRCEA box in the top left corner of Part I on the form). CWT funds are provided on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are depleted for the fiscal year.

Conference, Workshop, and Travel Fund Application (PDF)

Travel Justification Memo

The Travel Justification Memo your travel to your Division lead and access to any funds that might be used to augment the CWT funds. Often you can use the same justification you provide in the CWT form for this one.

Travel Justification Memo (PDF)

Follow-up for Conference Travel

Upon return from travel to a conference or workshop that involves the use of CWT funds, you'll fill in a web evaluation. This form allows us to gain knowledge about the efficacy of various events and to learn how professional learning involving travel ultimately benefits students.

Follow-up for Conference Travel

Traveling with Students

Please allow additional time for travel with students to move through the Travel Authorization (TA) process, as this travel is more complex and requires approval from the College President. Please do not attach the student forms to the TA, but do certainly send them in the email with the TA.

Driving and Vehicle Forms

Travel Resources

  • SCC Travel Authorization Flow Chart
    For lovers of flow charts, this chart shows the flow of travel forms that will serve as a useful guide you can print out and have handy if you do a lot of travel authorizations.
  • SCC Travel Reimbursement Claim Flow Chart
    This flowchart represents the flow of reimbursement for travel. When submitted, the forms travel through multiple spaces before a check is cut and provided (if you've ever traveled for an event, please take a look at this diagram to understand why it's so important to get everything in as early as possible so as not to create panic in any stage of this process!).
  • Standard Mileage Chart
    Use this chart for the mileage when traveling between district locations (such as 13 miles between ARC to SCC). This chart also gives the updated reimbursement rate per mile when using a rental or your own car for travel.
  • Mileage and Miscellaneous Expense Log
    When driving frequently in a semester, this chart helps you track your mileage and miscellaneous expenses. The log does not automatically add the miles or do calculations at the bottom of the log. You can copy the column headings into a spreadsheet and then cut and paste into the form when done.