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PAL FAQs for Instructors

What tasks will a PAL Leader perform (times are guidelines and will vary)?

  • Facilitate PAL group sessions with activities that focus on class content (2-3 hrs/wk)
  • Prepare for the PAL group sessions (1-3 hrs/wk)
  • Consult with the instructor - phone, web-conference, in-person, or email (1-2 hrs/wk)
  • Attend the class/class lab - on-ground, Zoom meetings, Canvas (0.5-1 hr/wk)

What is required of a PAL Instructor?

  • Connect with the PAL Leader on a weekly basis - phone, web-conference, in-person, or email
  • Provide handouts and/or other supplemental materials for the course
  • Help guide the development of activities that support course concepts
  • Sign/approve the Leader’s monthly timesheet certifying the hours worked during each pay period
  • Provide additional support and/or supervision to PAL Leader as needed

What are the characteristics of a great PAL Leader?

  • Have earned an A or B in the course (or a higher-level course) to facilitate
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of six units within Los Rios Community Colleges (to be paid)
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Enjoys helping other students
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and respect towards diverse backgrounds of other students
  • Be recommended by the instructor of the class

Do you have students who meet these characteristics?

  • Please complete the online recommendation form for each student referral.
  • Remember not all applicants will be hired. Thus, applicants cannot start working before receiving a start date from the Tutorial Services Assistant or the PAL Coordinator.
  • Also, share the PAL Leader Application with each student recommended.

PAL Leader Instructor Recommendation form | PAL Leader Application form

What is next for applicants offered a PAL Leader position?

  • Not all applicants will be hired; yet applicants and instructors will be informed of the hiring status by the PAL Coordinator usually by the second week of the semester
  • Applicants are hired based upon the needs of the college, department, and class
  • May be hired as paid or volunteer PAL Leaders
  • Paid PAL Leaders earn the current minimum wage
  • Hired applicants are to enroll in LTAT 311, Introduction to Peer Group Tutoring (1-unit, asynchronous, online class) during or before the semester hired


PAL Program Coordinator
Loretta Richard, M.S.
(916) 558-2183


Learning Resource Center, LRC 151
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822