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Conferences, Workshops, and Travel Forms

Submission Process

Submit your three official forms and supporting documentation to your dean or supervisor, not the Staff Resource Center, at least four weeks prior to your travel date for in-state travel (or neighboring states) and eight weeks prior to out-of-state travel. See flow charts and instructions below for processing flow information.

Submit a Request Beforehand



  1. Download. Download the forms above.
  2. Complete the forms. No digital signatures required.
  3. Submit to Division Office. Email the three completed forms, along with the supporting documents, to your division office or direct report for approval.
  4. Forward to College Service Area. Your division dean or supervisor forwards the approved request to the appropriate college service area (Vice President's Office).
  5. Funding Approval. The college service area will forward the approval email, with completed forms and supporting documents, to Tyler Wyckoff (WyckofT@scc.losrios.eduin the Staff Resource Center (SRC) for funding approval.
    • After funding approval, requests are forwarded back to the college service area for approval then to the Business Service Office (BSO).
  6. Follow-up. BSO staff will follow up with post-event instructions.

After the Activity

After the activity/event, please:

  1. Download the PDF download  Conference, Workshop, and Travel After Activity Report (PDF) 
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Email it to Tyler Wyckoff ( in the SRC.

For more information please contact Tyler Wyckoff at or review the Travel section at Business Services.

Other Travel Forms