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Writing the Post-Sabbatical Report - Instructions

Each instructor returning from sabbatical or professional development leave is required to submit a detailed report of the results of his/her program to the District Office. 

  1. The report should begin with:
    • a title page containing:
      • the instructor's name
      • title of the project
      • inclusive dates (semester/year) of leave
      • the date of submission
    • a one-page abstract of the report submitted
    • a clear statement of the objectives of the leave
  2. The body of the report should:
    • be a detailed typewritten account of the experience of the leave:
      • activities participated in
      • independent study done
      • type of research engaged in
      • travel attendant to leave
      • professional contacts made
      • appropriate work experience, if any. 
    • include a description of and disposition of audio and/or visual projects produced during the leave, if applicable
    • include a critique of the leave, detailing:
      • the results of the leave program
      • the extent to which the objectives stated in the abstract were achieved
      • an evaluation of the anticipated benefits of the leave to students, to the college, and to the community
    • include a statement about the method of sharing the results of the leave.
      • Each instructor is expected to arrange with their area dean an appropriate method by which the essential results of his/her leave can be shared with his/her colleagues and/or the community.
    • be an appropriate length to the nature of the project, but should not be less than three typewritten pages
  3. If the project is a creative work, such as a painting, musical composition, film, or other work in classical materials:
    • A written statement of the project should accompany it.
    • This written statement should be a review of the procedures used and a discussion of the project. 
    • If the project cannot be filed in the District Office, photographs, sketches, or working drawings should accompany the written report.
    • A statement should be included indicating where the project is stored or filed on the campus.
  4. Copies of the report should be submitted to the Vice President, Instruction's Office.
    • Following review/approval by the Professional Standards Sub-Committee, the copies will be distributed by the Vice President, Instruction's Office as follows:
      • the district office
      • the college library
      • the Vice President, Instruction's office

Updated October 6, 2022