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Duplicating Services

Duplicating Services is a service team in the Reprographics Department.

Duplicating  Services

  • 5 business day turn around time
  • Cardstock is not available.
  • Tests, midterms and final exams will be not be copied until after add/drop dates of semester.
  • Due to high volume of copy requests, Duplicating can no longer accept an entire semester’s worth of copying at the beginning of the semester. Except for syllabi requests and handouts for the first two weeks of the semester, requests for copies of mid-term and final exams will be returned to you immediately.

Duplicating Job Request

Mail Services

Duplicating Services operates its own campus distribution service providing in-house mail distribution to Los Rios Community College District employees. Our campus mail courier picks up and delivers campus and postal mail twice daily. Incoming postal mail is delivered to Duplicating Services for distribution throughout the college. The District Office mail courier also brings intercampus/college mail for distribution and picks up any outgoing pieces at 11 a.m. daily.

Mail Services Form (PDF)

Mail Rates

Mail Rates
Description Current Rates
First-Class Letter (1 oz.) 60¢
Postcard 44¢

Mail rates are subject to change without notice. See the USPS web site for the most up to date rates.

Mailing Procedures

  • All outgoing mail must be in Duplicating Services by 9:00 a.m. to meet USPS pick up time.
  • All first-class mail should be bundled together with a rubber band.
  • The Mail Services form is required for mailings of 25 pieces or more.
    1. Download the  PDF download Mail Services Form (PDF)
    2. Fill in the form with the free  Adobe Acrobat 7 and above
    3. Print the filled-in form
    4. Get your Supervisor/Dean to sign the form for approval
  • Separate mail that requires postage from mail that is pre-paid (e.g., pre-stamped mail from unstamped mail).
  • The  return address must have the department/division name on it.
  • All contents in the envelope must be folded so that the insert is below the crease in the flap of the envelope.
  • All envelopes with content  over 3 pages must be sealed.



Duplicating Services, R-1
Reprographics Building
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


Printing Services Supervisor: Allison Sekikawa
Phone: (916) 558-2167

Printing Services Operator II: Restituto (Rusty) Maghanoy
Phone: (916) 558-2459