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Concurrent with the steps related to  employment processing  and  opening up lines of communication  with the college, you should be preparing for instruction.

This checklist can assist you, whether it's your first semester or your fortieth.

  • ▢ Access Socrates for Attendance Rosters and Grading
    Socrates is a web-based application that supports processes and communication within the Los Rios Community College District. It consists of a collection of services accessible with a single user login and password. Faculty will be able to access class rosters as soon as they have been assigned a  Los Rios email account.
  • ▢ Get Course Outlines
    Get a course outline in Socrates for each of the courses that you are going to teach.
  • ▢ Check the Final Exam Schedule
    Check the dates of the final exam for each course that you are assigned.
  • ▢ Adopt Your Textbooks
    Faculty can submit textbook adoption information to the bookstore–including new adoptions or changes to existing adoptions
  • ▢ Communicate with Your Students
    Contact your students through  Socrates to welcome them and provide them with information in preparation for the first day of class. Write a welcome letter and send it to students a week before the semester begins.
  • ▢ Determine Your Office Hours
    Full-time faculty are expected to hold weekly office hours. Adjunct faculty are eligible to be compensated for office hours.
  • ▢ Create Your Syllabus and/or Student Information Sheet
    The Student Information Sheet or Syllabus is one of the most important documents that faculty can create because it clearly states course policies and requirements.
  • ▢ Get Photocopies
    You may need copies of your syllabus and handouts for in-person classes.
  • ▢ Get on Canvas
    Canvas is the District's Learning Management System. Canvas is where you can upload course content, create assignments, manage grades, provide a course calendar, and communicate with students. Contact the SCC Instructional Services Office for assistance in setting up your courses in Canvas, as well as your use of the Los Rios Google Apps system.
  • ▢ Prepare your course on Canvas
    A pre-semester checklist for online courses, and on-site courses with a presence on Canvas.
  • ▢ Attend Division and Department Meetings
    Check with your division office or supervisor for times and location of your division and/or department meetings. It is a good idea to go to all division and department meetings, especially at the beginning of the semester to get important information.
  • ▢ Plan to Meet Flex/Professional Development Obligations
    All full-time and many adjunct faculty have a Flex obligation. Your Flex obligation is the total number of hours you must spend participating in professional development activities. Your tentative Course Schedule (TCS) states your Flex obligation.