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Full-Time Faculty

Full-time faculty are expected to hold five (5) office hours per week over the course of the fall and spring semesters. Within the compressed academic year, the total office hours must account for eleven (11) hours that would not occur if only one (1) office hour was scheduled for each day of the academic year.

Information on office hours should be included in every syllabus.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct instructors are eligible to be compensated for office hours.

Adjunct faculty who teach a minimum of .20 load may be eligible for compensation for an office hour during the fall and spring semesters. Nine hours are required for .2; 18 hours for .4.  Payment will occur at the completion of the semester.

If you teach at more than one college in the district, you may be eligible for compensation at each college.  Adjunct faculty members must submit an office hour interest form/and a copy of his/her course information sheet which includes the scheduled office hours to their division office by the end of the first week of scheduled classes each semester in order to receive payment.