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A checklist of things to do and be aware of near/at the end of the semester.

  • ▢ Check the Final Exam Schedule
    Check the dates of the final exam for each course that you are assigned.
  • ▢ Turn In Grades
    • Step 1: Log Final Grades
      Grades must be turned in electronically to the Admissions and Records Office shortly after the end of instruction for classes. Please be prepared for a short turnaround time between the end of the term and the due date for grades. You will find the specific deadline on the academic calendar/deadlines in the Schedule of Classes. If you have questions about the due date or entering grades, contact Admissions and Records at (916) 558-2351.
    • Step 2: Upload Final Grade Roster and Attendance
      Your grade rosters and attendance must also be submitted to Admissions & Records.
  • ▢ Turn in Keys
    • Full-Time Faculty
      There is no need to turn in your keys at the end of the semester unless your employment is terminated.
    • Adjunct Faculty
      At the end of the spring and summer sessions, you must turn in your keys to the Operations office, unless you know you will be using them again. If you are teaching a spring course following a fall teaching assignment, it is likely you will not be required to turn in your keys during the Winter Break. Check with your Division for more information.