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Canvas is the cloud-based Learning Management System used by faculty and students within the Los Rios Community College District.

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24/7 Help Line

Get answers to most of your Canvas questions. (We cannot answer questions regarding enrollment status or Los Rios account issues.)

(844) 612-7419

Assistance for Faculty


For one-on-one help with Canvas:

David Martin
Phone: (916) 650-2726
ConferZoom conference by request.


For help with Zoom, video and audio recording, screencasting, and captioning:

Distance Education Multimedia Helpline
ConferZoom conference by request.

Learning Canvas and Online Teaching

Need help with Canvas or online teaching? We've got you covered! See below for information on training and assistance.

QuickStart Training

The intent of this short, self-paced course is to provide faculty with resources you need to create a Canvas course which meets the minimum level of Canvas usage as described by the  PDF downloadJoint LRCFT, District Academic Senate, and LRCCD statement (PDF) on requirements for the use of Canvas for Fall 2020. 

QuickStart Training

Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

Enroll in this self-paced course for information and tutorials on basic Canvas tools and functions. The are no deadlines, no required submissions; just simple, step by step instructions on such topics as:

  • Customizing your Canvas account settings
  • Creating, uploading, and organizing content
  • Building content with accessibility in mind
  • Using Canvas tools for regular and effective contact with your students
  • Using the Canvas Grades and Assignment tools
  • and more!

Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

Online Teaching and Learning Academy

The Online Teaching and Learning Academy (OTLA) is an intensive 9-week online course for those interested in designing and facilitating pedagogically sound online or hybrid courses. Familiarity with Canvas required.

Online Teaching and Learning Academy

Additional Canvas Training

The Canvas Guides

A great resource for both faculty and students. Simply type your question or search term in the search window.

The Canvas Guides

Canvas Commons

A digital library where instructors can find, import, and share resources. You can see courses that other instructors have developed and easily integrate components from those courses into your own.

Canvas Commons

Canvas Community

Discussion boards and other peer-to-peer resources. Register to ask questions or offer advice of your own.

Canvas Community


@One is offering several "Introduction to Teaching With Canvas" online courses. These online sessions will familiarize you with Canvas and help you build your first Canvas course. New sections may be added, so if all sections are full/waitlisted, check back often for new offerings.

View @One's current catalog offerings

Free, self-paced version of @One's Introduction to Teaching with Canvas course

Canvas FAQs

How do I log in to Canvas?

Go to Use your w-ID and your Los Rios password to access your courses.

How do I request a shell for my Canvas course?

There is no need to request a shell. If your class has a 5-digit ID, the shell will be automatically created for you. You can access your shell by logging in to

How do I add a student to my Canvas roster?

  1. Go to the “People” tool.
  2. Click “+People”.
  3. Type the student’s W-ID (including the “w”) into the box.
    • You may add multiple students at one time. Simply start a new line for each new W-ID.
  4. After inputting one or more W-IDs, click “Done”
  5. Click “Add Students”
  6. The student will be invited to join the class the next time they log in to Canvas

How do I remove a student from my roster?

  1. Go to “People”
  2. Click the name of the student you wish to remove
  3. Under “Memberships” click "Conclude"

Can I get a “Practice” or “Development” course shell?


When logged into Canvas:

  1. Look for the "Help" button in the left-hand navigation pane.
  2. Click the Help button
  3. Click the "Request a Development (DEV) Course" link
  4. You'll be asked to fill out a form
  5. Your dev shell should be ready within 24 hours

You can request as many as you would like.

If you need further assistance, contact:

David Martin
(916) 650-2726

Can I combine multiple class sections into one class shell?

Yes, you can. Canvas calls this “cross-listing”.

Cross-listing Your Course Sections

Important!  There is a limited window in which you may cross-list your sections. See the above-linked page for current dates.

I have a course card for both my lecture and my lab. Why is this and what should I do?

The district’s process automatically creates a Canvas shell for every 5-digit course ID, thus a Canvas shell is created for both your lab and lecture sections. In most cases, we recommend simply leaving the lab section unpublished and removing it from your dashboard. In most cases, you should not combine these classes. If you do so, the students will show up twice in the combined class, thus creating a bookkeeping headache for the instructor.

Can I change the name of my course?

You can't change the official name, but you can change the "nickname" of the course on your course card. 

How to Change the Nickname of Your Course

I can’t see a course card for a class I’ve been assigned. What should I do?

Send an email to Brian Pogue that contains the course name, the 5-digit course ID, and an approximate date of when the course was officially assigned to you.

Brian Pogue

How will students be trained in Canvas?

Direct students to the Canvas Student Help Guides, as well as the “Help” feature in the lower left-hand corner of their Canvas course.

How will my students know where to find their classes?

We recommend sending an email to your students a week prior to the start of class with information about the course and instructions on how to access. In the email, direct them to the Canvas login page at

My question is not answered here. Where can I get help?

You can call the Canvas 24/7 Help Line at (916) 568-3199. You can also perform a search for your topic using the Canvas Guides. If you can't find your answer there, send an email to the Instructional Development Coordinator, Brian Pogue: