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Photocopy Duplicating

Visit your division office to find information about their photocopying policy and capacity.

Syllabus Printing

Syllabus printing requests should be sent directly to the College Store for processing, packaging, and preparation for purchase. Syllabus request forms are available at the College Store and/or Division Offices.

Bulk Duplicating

For bulk duplicating visit  Duplicating Services of the Reprographics department.

  • Requests for duplication may be submitted online. A budget code and dean’s signature are required for specially funded programs (e.g., student organizations, sports camps, etc.).
  • Duplicating Services houses the campus mailroom.  To request mail be distributed on campus (e.g., a flier publicizing an event), faculty should request the campus distribution list for the total number of administrators, faculty, and staff by division and/or area and follow the written instructions on the distribution list. Mailroom personnel will not distribute flyers, brochures, or anything else that is not properly bundled according to the written instructions on the distribution list. The distribution of mail used for personal gain is prohibited.
  • Duplicating Services does not sort bulk mail. For mass mailings to the community, individual departments, divisions, or programs may contract with outside vendors. The college has a non-profit organization bulk permit number that may be used and/or printed directly on the publication, but prior permission must be obtained from Administrative Services. The cost of mailing and date of distribution must also be reported to Duplicating Services to ensure adequate funds are available in the account. Areas are expected to cover the costs for specialized mailings.

Duplication of Copyrighted Materials

The policies and regulations governing the development and copyright of materials are fully outlined under  section 8333 of the Los Rios Policy/Regulation manual. However, the following excerpt might be most useful:

Copyright Protection Guidelines

Single copies may be made of printed materials for purposes of criticism, comment, teaching, scholarship, or research as follows:

  • a chapter of a book
  • an article from a periodical or a newspaper
  • a short story, a short essay, or a short poem
  • a chart, a graph, a diagram, a drawing, a cartoon or a picture from a book, a periodical, or a newspaper
  • a single copy of an entire performable unit of music that is confirmed by the copyright to be out of print or that is unavailable except in a larger work, when made for academic purpose other than performance and solely for the teacher’s research or class preparation.

Multiple copies, not to exceed one copy per student, may be made for or by a faculty member for classroom use, provided that:

  • Each copy carries the copyright notice.
  • The copying is not used to substitute for the purchase of printed materials.
  • The copying is not used to create or substitute for anthologies or other collective works.
  • The copying is not from works described as “consumable” such as workbooks, standardized tests, test booklets, answer sheets, etc.SCC Faculty Handbook 2014-15 SCC Faculty Handbook 2014-15 32
  • The copying meets the tests for brevity, spontaneity, and cumulative effect.

Go Paperless

If want assistance in going paperless and providing handouts via Canvas, Google Docs, or another online format, please visit the Instructional Development department.