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Data and Research

The PRIE Office supports, guides, and empowers higher education professionals at Sacramento City College to use data and evidence to make decisions and take actions that benefit our students.

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Find an SCC Survey or Research Report

The PRIE Office conducts surveys and produces research reports for external accountability and internal use. Reports and surveys are available online.

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Make a Research and Data Request

In order to assist us with the efficient processing of a research request, please complete the Research Data Request Form and submit it. We will notify you of the proposed timeline and scheduled completion of your project.

The PDF DownloadSCC Research Handbook (PDF) provides a general understanding of rules and
guidelines associated with research requests, data usage requirements and best practices, and
resources where existing data is available or can be found.

Conduct Classroom-Based Research

SCC employees conducting classroom-based research for internal use at SCC are expected to follow best practices for conducting research involving human subjects but are not required to complete the full local review process.

See guidelines for internal research in section D of  PDF DownloadConducting Research Guidelines (PDF).

PDF DownloadSample Consent Form (PDF)

Research Data Request Form

Conduct External Research

If an SCC employee is conducting research that is not classroom-based (e.g., as part of a sabbatical, for professional interest, for publication, or for a graduate thesis or dissertation) and plans to use data either from college students or the community, he or she should contact the college Faculty Researcher and/or the college Research Office. It is likely that this research will fall under the External Guidelines and require a local research review for approval (section C). For additional information, please review the PDF DownloadResearch Handbook (PDF).

As with any professional research, approval is contingent upon a review of the research plan to ensure that there is no risk to participants, that informed consent is followed and that anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed. Please note that, because our local review is only an informal IRB, we ask that external researchers have permission from a formal IRB at their home institution. In order to process your proposal for approval, we will be requesting the following:

  1. LRCCD PDF DownloadExternal Research Request Form (PDF)
  2. A description of the proposed research
  3. A copy of university/agency research IRB approval, including approved guidelines for human subjects in the research
  4. Copies of any consent form for participants (if appropriate); see PDF DownloadSample Consent Form (PDF)
  5. Copies of any draft survey instruments and/or interview protocols (if appropriate)

PRIE Contact


Dean: Gayle Pitman, Ph.D.
Phone: (916) 558-2512

Administrative Assistant: Lili Knobloch
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Senior IT Specialist: Jay Cull
Phone: (916) 558-2335

Research Analyst: Tiffanie Ho
Phone: (916) 558-2334


Rodda Hall North, RHN 221
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Sacramento, CA 95822