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A brief introduction to the planning cycle at Sacramento City College.

The Strategic Master Plan

SCC's Strategic Master Plan is at the center of planning at SCC.

The Strategic Master Plan guides all planning at the college to reflect the college's vision, mission, and values.

It coordinates the goals, strategies, targets, and indicators at the college, as well as the allocation of resources.

The Strategic Master Plan is updated every 5 years.

The feedback from evaluating programs, services, and operational areas aid the revision of the Strategic Master Plan.

Planning is a continuous process that evolves to support students, employees, and college functions through educational, political, economic, and social changes.

Goals of the Strategic Master Plan

Goal # Goal
One Optimize student access, progress, momentum, and success.
Two Ensure equitable academic achievement across all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender groups.
Three Provide exemplary teaching and learning opportunities.
Four Provide exemplary workforce and career technical education programs that reflect the needs of the region we serve.
Five Foster an outstanding working and learning environment.
Six Create and promote a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability at the college.

Strategic Master Plan

College Service Area Plans

College Service Area Plans describe planning in the three main service areas of the college:

Instructional Services Plan

Describes in coordination with the Strategic Master Plan:

  • the instructional functions of the college
  • an overview of planning goals in academic areas

Student Services Plan

Describes in coordination with the Strategic Master Plan:

  • the student services functions of the college
  • an overview of planning goals in student services areas

Student Services Plan

Administrative Services Plan

Describes in coordination with the Strategic Master Plan:

  • the administrative services functions of the college
  • an overview of planning goals in administrative services areas

Institutional & Cross-Divisional Program Plans

Institutional and Cross-Divisional Program Plans are college-wide plans that break down the Strategic Master Plan and college mission into smaller, actionable plans. These plans highlight specific tactics to meet the goals of the college’s Strategic Master Plan. They are diverse but span the entire college.

The timeline of each plan varies based on funding sources and the revision cycle of the Strategic Master Plan, which will support changes in goals, targets, indicators, and strategies.


  • Program Plans
  • Student Equity & Achievement/SEAP
  • Guided Pathways
  • Strong Workforce Program
  • Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Facilities Resource Plan
  • Financial Resource Plan
  • Classified Staff Resource Plan
  • Information Technology Resource Plan
  • Distance Education & Academic Technology
  • Tutoring

View Current Program Plans

Program Review

Program review is a process of evaluating programs and services across the college. Program review documents typically involve a multi-year review (retrospective looks at data) and planning (development of goals and objectives, resources needed to fulfill goals and objectives) for the upcoming cycle.

Instructional Program Review

Requires a comprehensive evaluation, review, and curricular revision of instructional programs. Takes place on a six-year cycle with goal check-ins.

Instructional Program Review

Student Services Program Review

Reports and evaluates student learning outcomes (SLOs) and service area outcomes (SAOs) on a three-year cycle. Information includes anticipated resource needs.

Administrative Program Review

Reports and evaluates outcomes and goals of administrative services at the college. Report includes anticipated resource needs. Timeframe to be determined.

Unit Plans & Resource Requests

Unit plans and resource requests are designed to support new initiatives or ongoing work. Resources include financial, facilities, IT, instructional, and classified and faculty hiring.

The Unit Planning process is designed to plan for the “next year,” building from planning objectives to the resources needed to fulfill objectives. Objectives are created by deans in collaboration with departments and service areas and can include annual or multi-year objectives. Facilities projects, modifications, or IT projects outside the scope of unit planning go through a Facilities Modification Form and are reviewed twice a year.

Unit Plans & Resource Requests (password required)


Funding to support college planning, initiatives, and objectives comes from several sources which include continuous, multi-year, and one-time dollars.

Grant Funding

Grants include one-time or renewable funds oriented toward specific activities and outcomes. While not college-wide funding, grants should support college goals.

Grant-Writing Support

Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)

The PRIE Office:

  • assists with planning processes
  • tracks and posts planning documents
  • provides training on the use of data for planning. 
  • supports college-wide planning through facilitating dialogue
  • works with the college in the production of unit plans, program plans, and program review, and in college strategic planning

For More Information

PRIE Office

The PRIE Office assists with planning processes, tracks and posts planning documents, and provides training on the use of data for planning.

PRIE Office


Links to various college plans such as Strategic Master Plan, Educational Master Plan, Institutional Plans, Cross-Divisional Program Plans, and Unit Plans.


Planning Handbook (PDF)

A guide to planning at all District, College, and Program levels.

Planning Handbook (PDF)

Program Review

Program Reviews are reviews of college programs conducted on a multi-year basis and may be viewed while connected to the local SCC intranet.

Program Review

2023/2024 Planning Calendar (Google Sheet)

A master calendar of activities and responsible people/groups, listed by month.

2023/2024 Planning Calendar (Google Sheet)