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The PRIE Office assists with planning processes, tracks and posts planning documents, and provides training on the use of data for planning.

The PRIE Office supports college-wide planning through facilitating dialogue, and works with the college in the production of unit plans, program plans and program review, and in college strategic planning.

Family of Plans

Strategic Master Plan

States the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of Sacramento City College. Framework for planning, resource allocation and evaluation.

PDF DownloadStrategic Master Plan (PDF)

Educational Master Plan

This plan describes the instructional functions of the college and how they are coordinated within the strategic planning system, the academic programs of the college and their functions within the college structure, and the processes by which planning is done in the academic areas.

PDF DownloadEducational Master Plan (PDF)

Educational Master Plans include:

Cross-Divisional Program Plans

Cross-Divisional Program Plans support single types of activities that reach across divisions. Examples include: Distance Education, Information Technology, Tutoring, etc.

Unit Plans

Unit Plans are department-level action plans. Unit Plans guide the work of college units.

The SCC Online Unit Planning Portal is your starting point for unit planning. From the portal, you can choose to view or work on your department unit plan.

Unit Plan Objectives and Resource Requests

2022-2023 Unit Plan Objectives and Resource Requests Portal


Program Reviews

Program Reviews are reviews of college programs conducted on a multi-year basis.

The database includes six years’ worth of data for each instructional division, department, and for the college as a whole. The database may only be viewed while connected to the local SCC intranet.

Program Review and Unit Planning Data

Resource Allocation Plans

Resource Allocation Plans are part of the SCC strategic planning process and describe the annual resource allocation processes for five college areas. These five college areas include:

Resource Allocation Plans are developed by the person assigned primary responsibility in coordination with the appropriate governance committee. Resource allocation planning links to information from Institutional Plans, Unit Plans, Program Reviews, Program Plans, etc.

The chart below shows this information in detail for each of the above-listed plans.

Plan Name VPA Budget Committee Summary of process and procedures for financial resources allocation. Includes categorical, OTO and CT funds, timing and mechanics.
Classified Staff Plan VPA Classified Senate Summary of process for requesting new classified staff FTE and procedures for managing this resource.
Faculty Hiring Plan VPI, VPSS Academic Senate Summary of process for requesting new faculty FTE and procedures for managing this resource.
IT Equipment Plan IT Dean IT Committee Comprehensive IT resource management that includes all college IT needs, ROE for use/management, process for requesting new equipment, and audiovisual equipment needs related to IT (e.g. smart classrooms).
Facilities Plan Campus Development Committee Defines the processes for development of the annual Facilities Maintenance. Repair and Improvement (MRI) Plan. Includes work scopes that are below the threshold of modernization or new construction programs and is integrated with ADA, SMSR, HAZMAT and Institutional/Program Plan requirements.

PRIE Contact


Dean: Gayle Pitman, Ph.D.
Phone: (916) 558-2512

Administrative Assistant: Lili Knobloch
Phone: (916) 558-2511

Senior IT Specialist: Jay Cull
Phone: (916) 558-2335

Research Analyst: Tiffanie Ho
Phone: (916) 558-2334


Rodda Hall North, RHN 221
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822