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The Program Review Workgroup recommends that a Program Review Committee be developed with the following structure, composition, and charge:

Committee Structure

  • The Program Review Committee shall be a committee of the Academic Senate, and work closely with the Curriculum Committee.
  • The purview of the Equity Subcommittee shall be to provide joint support to the Curriculum Committee and the Program Review Committee.

Committee Composition

Administrators (3)

  • Associate Vice President of Instruction (co-chair)
  • Associate Vice President of Workforce Development
  • Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness


  • Co-chair
  • 1 faculty member from each instructional division (10), including from Learning Resources and Counseling & Student Services
    • Proposed requirement: completion of Teachers 4 Equity or other long-term equity professional training, such as the Skyline Equity Institute, CUE’s Student Equity Institute, Leading from the Middle, CVC-OEI courses on Humanizing Content, Equity, and Culturally Responsive Teaching, etc.
  • Curriculum chair or designee
  • Student Learning Coordinator
  • Equity Subcommittee members (between 2-4)
  • Counseling faculty (2)


  • Curriculum specialist
  • PRIE research analyst

Committee Charge

The Program Review Committee is charged with the following:

  • Communicating Program Review processes and their outcomes to the college;
  • Maintaining the Program Review website, and ensuring that forms, reports, deadlines, and other information are posted and kept up to date;
  • Ensuring that Program Review processes are inclusive, effective, and transparent, and that processes are student-centered and grounded in equity;
  • Developing, providing, and evaluating training for committee members and department chairs undergoing Program Review;
  • Mentoring Program Review writers through the report-writing process;
  • Reviewing Program Review reports and presentations and providing feedback to writers;
  • Making recommendations to the Academic Senate for improvements to Program Review forms and processes;
  • Working collaboratively with administration, appropriate committees, and other college constituencies on the integration of program review into planning and resource allocation processes.

Approved by the Academic Senate on 11/24/2020.