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Funding Information and Formula

All SCC employees are eligible to receive up to $500 each fiscal year in Conference, Workshop, & Travel (CWT) funding. Classified professionals who are members of the LRCEA are also eligible to receive up to $1000 in additional funding per fiscal year.

CWT funds are available yet limited. Please read the CWT guidelines (below) then complete and submit all necessary forms (listed under "Application Process" below) to the Staff Resource Center.

Conference, Workshop, & Travel (CWT)

  • Please submit at least four weeks prior to your travel date for in-state travel (or neighboring states) and eight weeks prior to out-of-state travel. See "Submission Process" below for more information.
  • Any employee may apply for funds.
  • All costs will be covered in full, including registration, transportation, and meal costs, up to the limit of $500 for staff development funding (for all employees), and an additional $1,000 for LRCEA funding (for LRCEA members and subject to approval by LRCEA subcommittee).
  • Funds are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first funded basis.
  • Funding allocations are subject to LRCCD district travel policy and/or IRS regulations.
  • Funding may also be available from your Division, Perkins, or other college funding sources.
  • Please submit paperwork eight weeks prior to the travel date to ensure cash advance or registration pre-payment.
  • No funding will be given for:
    • membership fees
    • incidentals such as parking fees and bridge tolls
    • training that is mandatory, required or expected of an employee
    • training that contributes toward salary advancement
    • for-credit college courses

Conferences, Workshops, and Travel Forms