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Teachers 4 Equity (T4E)

The objective of Teachers 4 Equity (T4E) is to create an equity-focused teaching and learning community by providing an incubator for faculty to engage in work fostering student equity in the classroom and supporting environment.

The criteria for T4E participation is as follows:

  • demonstrated commitment to student equity
  • willingness to examine practices that create barriers
  • willingness to explore and experiment with nontraditional and innovative practices
  • investment of time, energy, and enthusiasm in the holistic process of building relationships and showing up (an average of 3-4 hours per week for a total of 54 hours per semester)
  • commitment to the scholarship and craft of teaching and learning

Faculty Members will:

  • attend Equity Professional Development Workshops and Teachers 4 Equity Action Meetings
  • engage in deep reading on critical pedagogy, decolonizing the curriculum, Instruction, and culturally responsive praxis
  • develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing equity in the classroom, a T4E TOOLKIT to share with future cohorts of Teachers for Equity and others
  • develop and implement innovative classroom practices
  • facilitate teaching and learning opportunities for others in the college and broader community in support of student equity efforts
  • volunteer to facilitate particular T4E discussions and activities
  • continue to participate in T4E future cohorts in a way envisioned by the group

Please contact Alexandria White at for more information.

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Dawna DeMartini
Assistant Professor