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Cross-Divisional Program Plans are college-wide plans that support the college’s strategic goals. 

The plans are written by areas that focus on one type of activity that crosses college divisions (e.g. tutoring, IT, staff development, etc.). In most cases, they function as program reviews as well as planning documents for the cross-divisional program.

These are 3-year plans with annual resource requests. They include three sections:

  • Overview and strategic information
  • Operational review and plan
  • Annual resource requests

The full plan is updated every three years; the resource request is updated annually.

Program Review

Program Review is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of programs and activities, including accomplishments of objectives, measures of merit, and learning outcomes, as well as identifying any new initiatives and/or changes for the next planning cycle.

Three of these areas write Program Plans: College of Advancement, Information Technology (IT), and the Public Information Office (PIO). In those cases, program planning and program review have been combined into one comprehensive document that can be found above. 

Cross-Divisional Program Plans are three-year plans. However, if major changes were made to the structure of the program, the full plan has been updated. Any updates will be indicated by the revised date found within the parentheses.

Program Review

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