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"City Ways" are ways to engage students that will boost their chances of academic success.


1. Personal Connection

Establish a personal connection with your students early in the semester—learn their names, get to know them, tell them about yourself.

2. Relatable Materials

Use materials students can relate to and can apply to their lives—make those and other resources easy for students to find.

3. Clarity and Flexibility

Set clear expectations and deadlines, and be flexible when needed.

4. Communication

Communicate with your students, electronically and in person, as often as possible—talk with them, not at them.

Classified Professionals

1. Ask and use the student’s name

Greet students and help them feel comfortable—make eye contact, smile, acknowledge them, say hello, ask and use their name.

2. Clarify

Help clarify practices and processes for students—eliminate barriers for them when you can.

3. Next Steps

Give students clear directions for next steps in their processes—help them find the answers they are looking for.

4. Follow Up

Follow up—close with your business card and/or email to follow up.