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Purchasing Professional Learning Materials Forms

Conference, Workshop, and Travel (CWT) funds may be used in some instances to support reimbursement for the cost of learning materials used for professional development by an individual employee member. Please contact the Staff Resource Center team through our multi-purpose All About Professional Learning Form to consult with us to determine if your planned request would be eligible and if funds are available.

All About Professional Learning Form

Pre-approval from the SRC, Business Service Office, and appropriate dean/supervisor and College Service Area are required prior to any authorized purchases. Unauthorized purchases are not eligible for reimbursement.

Submit a Reimbursement Request

  1. Download. Download both forms above.
  2. Complete the forms. No digital signatures needed.
  3. Get Approval. Email the forms, along with the supporting documents, to your division office or direct report for approval.
  4. Send to SRC. Forward approval email, with completed forms and supporting documents to the Staff Resource Center ( for funding approval.
    • After funding approval, requests are forwarded from the SRC to the Business Services Office (BSO) for processing and facilitation of final approvals.