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A Program Planning Council (PPC) List is maintained by Los Rios to approve the development of all new Career Education programs.

Requests for programs to be added to the list must be accompanied by a Labor Market Information (LMI) Supply and Demand Report. Education Code section 78015 requires that career education proposals include LMI.

The following process should be initiated by a faculty member.

Forms and Process

Los Rios PPC LMI Request Form   LMI Program Endorsement Study Form

Is It Career Education?

To determine if your proposed certificate or degree is considered to be a Career Education program, please check the  PDF download  California Community College Taxonomy of Programs Manual (PDF). Top codes for Career Education programs are accompanied by an asterisk (*) on the list.

For Existing Fields: LMI Request Form

Complete the Los Rios PPC LMI request form. You will receive a report within two weeks. This analysis will simply inform you whether a demand for the program exists.

For Emerging Fields: Research

If you are preparing students for an emerging field, select an option below.

  • Option 1: Request a comprehensive LMI Program Endorsement Study from the Center of Excellence. This report takes between six and eight weeks to complete.
  • Option 2: Conduct your own research that highlights the demand for the program, such as regional economic studies, letters from employers attesting to the need, etc.

Submit Your Data

Whether you receive a  PPC LMI report, an LMI Program Endorsement Study, or have conducted your own research, you will next provide this report to your Dean. They will forward it to the Vice President of Instruction (VPI). The VPI will later inform your Dean whether your program has been approved.

If a Program Is Approved by the PPC

If the program is approved by the PPC, a comprehensive LMI Program Endorsement Study must be requested prior to curriculum development. If you have already completed this for Emerging Fields (Option 1), you do not need to repeat this.

LMI Questions?

Ebony Benzing
Research Manager
Los Rios Center of Excellence
(916) 563-3215

Career Education