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Committee Charge

The SCC Grants Committee supports the college’s grant activities by ensuring that grants are aligned with the college’s mission, strategic goals, and resource needs; by sharing grant opportunities with the college community; and by reviewing and recommending revisions to grant-related policies and procedures.

The committee will:

  • Work with the President’s Office and the PRIE Office to develop and implement grant feasibility review processes to ensure alignment with institutional goals, priorities, and needs;
  • Develop a Grants Handbook for the college, which will subsequently be reviewed annually and revised as needed;
  • In conjunction with the PRIE Office, share potential grant funding opportunities with the college community, as appropriate;
  • Work with the Staff Resource Center to develop an annual professional development plan, focusing on grant writing, project management, budget development, and other grant-related activities;
  • In conjunction with the PRIE Office, maintain a list of grants awarded to the college, and ensure that the list is available on the employee webpage;
  • Collaborate with the District Grants Committee to stay informed about and to provide input on district-wide grant efforts;
  • Review annual status and outcomes updates from Project Directors of grants.

Agendas and Minutes