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Committee Charge

The Student Equity and Success Committee (SESC) intervenes on behalf of college students who seek higher education, transforms the institutional environment into one that promotes equity and inclusion by removing barriers to disproportionately impacted students, and acknowledges and honors human difference. The committee monitors student access, progress, success, completion, transfer, and employment, takes action on matters of support services, pathways, and technologies designed to welcome students and move them through to completion, and offers strategies for action through the shared governance structure to address equity issues that exist for disproportionately impacted students. The committee encourages all faculty, staff, and administrators to evolve into equity practitioners who work to create an educational experience that is transformative towards justice and liberation for students, faculty and staff, and the community at large.

Agendas and Minutes

Note: The Matriculation and Student Success Committee and the Student Equity Committee have been combined to become the Student Equity and Success Committee.- Spring 2022