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The College Council will meet once per month. Meeting time TBD by the membership. The membership and charge of the College Council will be reviewed annually and can be changed by a vote of the Executive Council. Revised and approved on 9/1/22.

Committee Charge


  • Lead college strategic planning; conduct an annual review the college Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals.
  • Review college data and KPIs; set college goals/targets as required by ACCJC and/or the CCCCO.

Participatory Decision-Making

  • Review college decision-making processes and structures and recommend actions to improve communication and governance.
  • Discuss related items referred to the College Council by the President’s Cabinet, Executive Council, or other decision-making body, and make recommendations to the referring group.
  • Provide support for, and enhance communication about, the College’s Guided Pathways and Equity work.

Committee Structure

Approved by the Executive Council September 2018. General consensus was reached in Spring 2018; official approval was obtained at the EC meeting on September 17, 2018.

  • The College Council is a restructuring of the current CSPC and an expansion of its charge.
  • The College Council will meet on a regular basis.
  • As a result of the new structure of the College Council, the Executive Committee will meet with just the voting members.
  • The College Council will make recommendations to the Executive Council and the President’s Cabinet.

Voting Membership


College President


  • VPI
  • VPA
  • VPSS
  • SLT Chair
  • PRIE Dean


  • AS President
  • Faculty Equity Lead
  • Chair of Department Chairs Council
  • At-large Faculty Appointee
  • Other Faculty Leader

Classified Staff

  • CS President
  • PIO
  • At-large Classified Appointee
  • A/R Supervisor
  • Other Classified Leader


  • Student Senate President
  • Club and Events Board Chair
  • SAC Joint-Budget Committee Lead
  • Other
  • Other