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Vision Statement

Sacramento City College envisions cost-free and equitable access to digital technology, equipment, services, and support to all current and prospective SCC students to ensure student success in the digital age.

The above vision statement was approved by Academic Senate, Classified Senate, and Student Senate in 2020 and adopted by Senior Leadership Team on March 10, 2021.


Join Us

If you are an employee or student at SCC and would like to be involved, please sign up: 

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Current Members

  • Rukiya Bates
  • Vasyl Benedychuk
  • Don Button
  • Rosana Chavez-Hernandez
  • Julie Colombo
  • Dawna DeMartini
  • Ann Jacobsen
  • Jordan Jue
  • Kandace Knudson
  • Hayley Laird
  • Antonio Lopez
  • Rima Minawi
  • Melody Mo
  • Linda Myers
  • Gerardo Ochoa
  • Holly Piscopo
  • Karla Rojas
  • Kirk Sosa
  • Christopher Sullivan
  • Karen Tercho
  • Jacob Traugott
  • Tyler Wyckoff