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Home Governance Non-Standing Committees Food Service Advisory Group

A Non-Standing Committee, the Food Service Advisory Group (FSAG) was constituted through the Executive Council. Its intent is to meet at least once per semester to review food service performance and make recommendations for improvement where appropriate.


The purpose of the group is to provide a working forum for all constituencies to make input regarding how food service is delivered to Sacramento City College.


Membership was done by appointment from each constituency group and includes the following personnel:

  • Robert Burks
  • Chris Torres
  • Kristie Michael
  • Kelli Lusk
  • Bob DeNigris
  • Randy Clem
  • Wendy Gomez
  • Pamela Lindell
  • Margaret Lednicky
  • Nataliya Yaroshevich
  • Judy Johnson
  • Nadine Kirkpatrick
  • Moises Rameriez*
  • Hwinan Pang*
  • Laduan Smedley**
  • Frank Gleason, Mgr, Aramark Food Services

*Student appointments from Club and Events Board, and Student Senate.

** Chair and SCC liaison for City Cafe