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A pre-semester checklist for online courses, and on-site courses with a presence on Canvas.

  • ▢ Course Home Page
    • Course name and section number
    • Course description
    • Synchronous meeting times (if officially scheduled)
    • Instructor contact information
    • Link to syllabus
    • Per the OEI rubric: a clear pathway to start the course; for example, a Start Here button
  • ▢ Orientation Module
    • Syllabus
    • Instructor bio or introduction
    • Expectations for the first week of class
    • Required Course Materials
    • Course Policies and Grading
    • Zoom Information for synchronous class meeting times and/or office hours
    • Information on how to get help in the course and at SCC
    • Student support services
    • Tech support
    • Diversity and Inclusion Statement
    • Online Lab Waiver (needs to be completed by every student)
  • ▢ Instructional Modules (if relevant)
    Try to have the first 3 or 4 instructional modules created before the semester begins.
    1. Overview of learning outcomes and objectives of the modules
    2. Canvas pages that include accessible learning materials
    3. Formative Assessments using Canvas Quizzes
    4. Summative Assessments using Canvas Assignments and/or Canvas Discussion Boards
    5. Summary of the module’s activities, achievements, assessments
    6. Link to additional learning materials on the subject
    7. Try to have the first 3 or 4 instructional modules created before the semester begins.
  • ▢ Select the Student View button on the course home page
    Confirm that your course works well for students.
  • ▢ Publish Your Course
    You’re ready to begin!

Highly Recommended Additions

  • ▢ Welcome Video
  • ▢ Profile Picture
  • ▢ Discussion Board for Introductions
  • ▢ Weekly Announcements
    Made in advance with delayed-release, to let students know what they need to do that week
    • Week overview
    • Tasks/To-do list
    • Encouraging words
    • Other course news:
      • feedback on assessments
      • grades posted
      • upcoming exam/paper
      • etc.