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A checklist for managing your classes during the semester.

  • ▢ Take Attendance and Manage Rosters
    For students to successfully complete their college work, regular class attendance is necessary, and students are expected to attend all sessions of the class in which they are enrolled.
  • ▢ Comply with Faculty Attendance
    Instructors are expected to start class on time, provide the required 10-minute break in the middle of class if class exceeds 90 minutes, and keep students to end of designated class time.
  • ▢ Manage Your Waitlist
    Students who enroll online can choose to put themselves on a waitlist for a class that is already full.
  • ▢ Prerequisite Verification
    Students enrolled in courses that have a prerequisite must provide verification to the instructor that they have met the prerequisite.
  • ▢ Get Library Instruction
    If your students have writing assignments or research projects, it’s crucial that they obtain library instruction on research skills.
  • ▢ Understand Financial Aid
    Students receiving financial aid should be held to the same standard as all other students. Managing class enrollment and dropping students for non-attendance on a regular basis helps ensure that students are not receiving financial aid when they are no longer attending. The end of semester grading process requires instructors to report the last date of attendance for a student receiving an “F” grade. It is important that instructors enter the accurate date of last attendance. Entering an inaccurate date may have negative consequences for both the student and the institution. For more information, faculty should contact the Financial Aid Supervisor.
  • ▢ Manage Grading
    Grade books may be maintained either in hard copy or electronic form. The information in the grade book is essential to document the process used to establish final grades for students.
  • ▢ Follow the Academic Calendar and Deadlines
    All district-wide significant academic dates and deadlines are published on the SCC main website. These include both beginning and ending dates for instruction, holidays and breaks, end of drop period, and the semester Finals schedule, among many others.